Bill’s Story

I recently finished a degree program with initial goal for a PHD degree but settled for a second Master’s degree. I am up to my throat buried in student loan debt. I owe approximately 180K in Student Loan debt. I cannot come up with a job, even in the most minimal technical jobs. Yesterday, like most days, I got two rejection letters, nicely written, that though I am qualified, they have hired another candidate most suitable for the position. At this rate, I am never, ever going to be able to pay back every penny of these loans. Except, may be if GOD willing, HE blesses me with financial wealth, as I preached in my congregation and promised before them and GOD, that I will pay back every single penny of my student loans. Then and only then, will I be able to repay back every dime. GOD Help us.

Mike’s Story

I am a full time musician who graduated in 1996 with an original student loan dept of $80,000 that since then has escalated to over $105,000.  As you know, musicians do not make a lot of money as it is, but I never fully realized I would have to carry such a burden now, especially at the age of 45.

Chad’s Story

 Can’t afford to do anything but pay my loans. Lives with parents. My job was supposed to make me $80K a pays $35K. I’d rather flip hamburgers debt-free than be in this mess.

Martin’s Story

My name is Martin and I stopped making payments to my student loans 5 months ago.  I currently have $300K in student loans (started with 260K) from the various lenders listed below:

  -Wells Fargo:  ~128K

  -Chase:  ~ 48K

  -Citizens Bank:   ~99K

  -SallieMae:   ~25K

My phone, my brother’s phone, my dad’s phone, and everyone else related to me gets about 1 phone call every 2 hours.  My intentions were to negotiate with these people, however they are unwilling to change there demands, I have asked for lower payments, interest rate reductions, principal reduction or anything else.  The only thing these lenders do is make threats to me and my family.  I have blocked all their calls until these lenders file law suits and legal proceedings start.  I am planning on getting the best lawyers I can afford to help me in these matters.

I just wanted to share my story, thank you for listening.