Sasha Davenport has been going through some tough times. As many students do, she’s trying to pay for college with loans. But unlike most of us, Sasha was smart enough to know that sending naked selfies was the best way to get money in a hurry — so she started doing it! She now makes hundreds of dollars every week just by posing nude.

Sasha, like most girls, loves showing off her body. So when she saw that there was an app that allowed you to send your nudes to guys who would pay for them, she figured why not? She downloaded the app and started getting paid. Now she sends out dozens of pics daily and gets a nice chunk of change in return. And since she doesn’t have to spend any money, Sasha is able to make even more! She says she’s making “at least” $500 per week by posing nude.

What Is Send Nudes?

Send Nudes ( is an app where people can exchange nude pictures and videos. It’s one of the big ones — millions of users all over the world are exchanging sexy content on this app. The app allows you to browse and buy photos from other users, or set up your own profile and sell your own nudes.

The app was created in 2014 after the rise of sexting as a major trend amongst young people. There were several services available at the time, but none had hit their stride quite like this one.

Why Do People Use Send Nudes?

People use the app because they want to show off their bodies. If a guy wants to see your tits, he’ll ask for them. If a girl wants to flash her pussy, she’ll post a picture of it. And if you’re an exhibitionist, you won’t be shy about posting a full-on porno video of yourself.

Nudity sells. It always will. If you’ve ever seen a celebrity sex tape, you know what I’m talking about. Nude photos of famous stars are like gold. They make a lot of money, and they get passed around on the internet faster than anything else.

With Send Nudes, you don’t need to be a celebrity or actress to make money. You simply need to take off your clothes. That’s it. Anyone can do it!

Student Loan Debt Today

If you’re a student today, you’re probably aware of how expensive college is. According to the US Department of Education, Americans owe over $1.5 trillion in student loan debt.

That means that almost half of all graduating college students leave school with debt. And the average amount of that debt is nearly $30,000.

Many recent grads aren’t able to find jobs right away and end up struggling to pay back their loans. But they still have to do it. They have no choice.

After all, they’re broke.

Sasha says she owes almost $80,000 in student loans. She took out these loans to help pay for her degree in marketing. She didn’t want to take out any more loans, but she did it anyway. She couldn’t afford not to. And now she’s paying the price.

Sasha says that without Send Nudes, she’d never be able to pay off her loans. Her earnings from nude selfies have made her debt disappear. And she’s able to keep using the app to earn more money.

It’s like a cycle: She earns money, she pays her loans, she keeps earning money. Eventually, she’ll be able to live completely free of debt.


Of course, being a nude model isn’t easy work. It takes a lot of courage to put your body on display for total strangers. But as long as you’re comfortable with your body, you shouldn’t have any trouble selling your nude pics.

If you’re not comfortable with your body, you can try to find a friend who’s willing to pose nude for you. If you have a boyfriend who is okay with it, he could help out too. Just make sure your partner is comfortable with it before taking his clothes off. Otherwise, it might ruin your relationship.

Either way, you should consider using Send Nudes to make extra cash. After all, it only takes a few seconds to snap a picture and upload it. You could be raking in hundreds, or thousands, of dollars per week in no time.