We want to change the national dialogue about the student debt crisis.

Stop blaming the victims of predatory lending! 

Start blaming the lenders like Sallie Mae who paid off politicians to strip away consumer protections!

Private lenders like Sallie Mae PROFIT FROM DEFAULTS – which is why they have no incentive to offer income-based repayment, deferment for unemployment, or any other ‘safety nets’ to protect debtors from default!

We were told to work hard and stay in school, and that it would pay off. We are not lazy. We are not entitled. We are drowning in debt with few means of escape.

We would give anything to pay our debt, but we are un(der)employed due to the jobs crisis and the lack of consumer protections and refinancing rights makes managing payments extremely difficult.

The student loan bubble may not burst with a bang, but it is slowly suffocating us.